Welcome to The New Virtual Window!

The story of the Virtual Window website is a long and complicated one, or maybe not. Like the shoemaker whose family never seems to have shoes, we have for over 20 years been so focused on our clients that our own website languished through several versions and iterations. I always envisioned having a website that demonstrated or embodied the creative efforts we put into the work with our clients.

The Virtual Window has always been a boutique shop with a focus on quality work and superior customer service. We have built our name on this excellence in customer service through our collaborative process, responsiveness, and transparency. Providing customers with peace of mind that no matter what their needs were we could not only build it for them, but also do it with minimal stress, anxiety, and open two-way communication.

With the additions of Paul Leider as COO in 2014 and Stacey Lopez as Senior Project Manager in 2019, Virtual Window has grown in ways never before imagined. We’ve built a strong department focused on the fitness industry and serving national brands like Pure Barre, 24 Hour Fitness, The AKT and Yoga Six as well as local brands like Solcioty in Atlanta, The Pilates Barre in Dallas, ToneHouse in New York City and SweatBox right here in DC. Additionally, partnerships with brands like Club Ready, MindBody and ZingFit Pro have allowed us to create customizations and workflows for brands that make their work-lives easier, improve brand recognition, and drive traffic to their site.

In addition to building our fitness portfolio, we have also implemented large scale projects for the DC Housing Authority, MV Financial, Booz Allen Hamilton, IGI International Lawfirm, and WorkSource Montgomery to name a few.

After 25 years in business, you’d think we’d be settling in but really we are just getting started. With an expanded offering of services such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Business Intelligence, Virtual Window can provide you with a full suite of services for almost any need you have. Additionally, we have many new partnerships with companies like Club Ready and MindBody which allow us to provide you with an even deeper level of service.

We are so excited to have you visit our new website. We feel it’s reflective of the quality and attention that we give to every project in our portfolio. We hope you will take some time and surf our website to learn more about what we’ve done and how we can help you and your team achieve your objectives. Thanks so much for visiting and taking a look inside the Virtual Window. We can’t wait to help you get the most out of your next project.