Integrating strategy, design, and cutting-edge technology, Virtual Window stands apart as more than a typical full-service agency – we’re the trailblazers of the digital realm.

With a history that spans over three decades, we’ve continuously embraced and spearheaded change, always evolving with technology. Our distinguishing factor lies in our multi-faceted approach, which ensures that all stakeholders have a voice and play a role to create a harmonized brand presence.

Our commitment to data, insights, and analytics guarantees informed decisions, and every client gains access to an interactive dashboard reflecting real-time performance metrics. We recognize the potency of organic content, and with our adept handling, its reach is maximized through paid social channels. Every piece of content we curate is crafted with a clear focus on ROI, underscoring our unwavering dedication to not just meeting, but surpassing your objectives.

Our Core Values


At Virtual Window, our top priorities are your efficiency and productivity, which pave the way to increased performance.


We strive to build straightforward processes to ensure your work is uncomplicated and crystal clear managing schedules and important timeframes.


Always by your side, we want to share our passion and energy to help you improve your workflow. We’re never afraid of challenges and like to embrace difficulties!


We prioritize ease in collaboration and execution by empowering individuals to seamlessly work together and achieve their goals.


We believe that it is important to have flexibility to do the things you want and need and put establish process and guidance that provides you with consistency and flexibility to achieve your goals.


We provide tailored approaches and strategies that ensure each individual’s unique needs and preferences are met, fostering meaningful connections and impactful outcomes.


Open communication is key to successful projects and relationships and we ensure there is transparency throughout the duration of both.

Working together, we carefully design each digital solution to meet our clients’ specific goals and budgets, customizing staff assignments from our trusted team of designers and developers.

Andrew Sherman
Creative Genius | Founder

Untangling the web since 1994 with insightful nuance Andrew’s approach to a successful web presence melds precision with a subtly engaging touch, with a versatile resume and a strong  focus on the fitness and public sectors.

Andrew Sherman - Founder, The Virtual Window