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Objective: To build an application where customers can easily book a dumpster for a construction site.

We custom-built Rockspring’s app for the web, Android, and iOS. When a user enters a location, service, and other mandatory details, admins are instantly notified and a project manager is assigned to the customer.

Skills Involved: Mobile Application, Android, iOS, Web Application

Street Smart

Objective: To build an easy-to-update site and develop a social media strategy for Street Smart.

Street Smart is a public initiative in New Jersey aimed at changing driver behavior to reduce pedestrian and bicyclist deaths and injuries. We helped create the online presence of this initiative by designing a mobile-friendly website and enhancing their social media strategy. We also provided the Street Smart team with back-end features that enable them to easily make updates to the events section of their website.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Virginia Criminal Lawyer

Objective: To develop a web and marketing strategy to specifically target Virginians.

Virginia Criminal Lawyer came to us wanting a website accessible to tablet users that expanded a client base in Virginia. We built a website with full mobile functionality and used targeted social media strategy and on-page SEO to exclusively target the firm’s local audience of Virginians.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Central Uniforms

Objective: To provide a comprehensive suite of technological and marketing services for Central Uniforms.

We built Central Uniforms a custom e-commerce platform for their medical and professional uniforms shop. We also used SEO optimization and a PPC campaign to get their site to the top of their local Google search pages and move them up on national keyword results.

Skills Involved: Development, Design, Ecommerce, SEO

AVMA Media

Objective: To develop the entire media file management system for AVMA without constraining their website’s performance.

With a vast library of podcast and other audio files, AVMA needed a system that could house all their data without slowing down their site. We created a custom media management system and handled the entire coding process to ensure improved site functioning and easy file storage and management.

Skills Involved: Development, Design, Web Application

Dig-it Games

Objective: To develop an e-commerce storefront for Dig-it Games.

Dig-It! Games came to us looking for a clean solution to enable purchasing and downloading their creative thinking and learning games. We developed a custom e-commerce storefront, and we also integrated their website with MailChimp to facilitate their marketing efforts.

Skills Involved: Development


Objective: To design a website for Alboum Translation Services that captures their mission-driven work.

Alboum Translation Services provides services exclusively to nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. To reflect their mission to do good in the world, we kept its design people-focused, modern, and clean, letting their work shine. The site is fully responsive and integrates a live feed of tweets from the Alboum team.

Skills Involved: Development

Foreman Feed

Objective: To design an app that makes it easier for Rockspring Contracting foremen to do their jobs.

After the successful completion and launch of their first app, Rockspring Contracting hired Virtual Window to design and develop their second mobile application, Foreman Feed. To make manpower requests, daily work logs, and survey submissions easy for the foremen, we developed iOS and Android mobile apps, supported with a web service and an Admin Console, using Laravel as the framework. The inbuilt file management library also helps the administrators to keep better track of their invoices, quotes, and other important documents.

Skills Involved:  Mobile Application

Explosive Options

Objective: Redesign Explosive Options’ website to make it more user-friendly and agile.

Explosive Options had an existing website built in WordPress that provided real-time trading guidance to its users. Memberships, recurring payments, user profiles and other complex functionality made the website slow and hard to navigate. We moved the site to a WordPress-friendly server, cleaned up unused plugins, making updates, and resolving back-end issues. We improved overall site load speed 5x by minifying files, enabling caching, and optimizing images. We chose new options for chat and membership management, leaving Explosive Options with a fast and reliable “new” website.

Skills Involved: Strategy Consultation, WordPress Troubleshooting

Booz Allen Hamilton

Objective: To design and develop an internal training application for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Building ARS Playbook for Booz Allen Hamilton required creating an application with a document-editing module where multiple users can collaborate and work on a real time basis – yes, pretty much like Google Docs. After building a collaborative relationship with the team at Booz Allen, our team worked to wireframe, test, and develop the application in close contact with the client.

Skills Involved: Strategy Consultation, Web Application, Design


Objective: To design an interactive website to drive home D.C.’s mission to eliminate traffic fatalities.

As part of Washington, D.C.’s aim to curb unsafe driving, we developed a punchy website to explain the city’s multi-agency mission to keep drivers, passengers, and cyclists safe on the road.

Skills Involved: Development, Design


Objective: To develop a modern, eye-catching single-page site for Shouk.

To give modern Mediterranean eatery Shouk the introduction it deserves in the digital world, we designed a clean single-page site using HTML5 that puts their delicious menu front and center and integrates a simple and easy-to-use online ordering system. 

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Dress It Up

Objective: To redevelop Dress It Up’s website

We redeveloped a legacy website, incorporating the unique design sensibility of this boutique food producer while incorporating up-to-date e-commerce solutions and a fully responsive interface.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Popcorn and Icecream

Objective: Build a site for Popcorn and Icecream that reflected their small business-friendly brand.

Popcorn and Icecream is an online digital marketing agency that helps small businesses and startups build online identities. We built their interactive website using HTML5 and incorporated a custom e-commerce script and flexible content management system, making it easy to manage and update.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Tenleytown Main Street

Objective: To develop a website to connect Tenleytown’s businesses and budding entrepreneurs.

Tenleytown Main Street’s responsive website, developed in WordPress and designed using HTML5, provides listings for all business related activities: new businesses, investors, festivals, events, real estate, and more. Business owners can claim listings, manage their profiles, create events, add offers and special giveaways, and donate or invest in another business directly from the website.

We also developed a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows users to donate or invest in a business directly from the app.

Skills Involved: Development, Design, Mobile Application

James Frank Club

Objective: To design a highly interactive e-commerce website with clean navigation.

We designed James Frank Club’s whole website using modern HTML5, adding parallax scrolling effects to make the site more engaging. The site also features Gleam integrations to help run promotional contests and linked landing pages to help widen the customer base.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Charles Allen

Objective:To develop the personal website for one of the most promising candidates of the 2014 DC election cycle, Charles Allen.

Integrated with the NationBuilder platform, Charles Allen’s site features full responsiveness for easy mobile access, allowing supporters and volunteers to access maps, walk lists, and other tools necessary for a successful run at the polls.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Graham Planter

Objective: To design and develop a portal-based website and mobile application for Graham Planter.

Graham Planter is dedicated to improving farming techniques with new and innovative technologies. The website was designed keeping their brand in mind and features a Dealer’s Portal where dealers can visit, browse, and order products. Custom-designing the order process involved highly customized and logical processing and was implemented using Gravity forms.

The Graham Planter app helps farmers connect their mobile phones with their farm equipment. The app communicates with farming devices via bluetooth and automates machines’ schedules and tasks.

Skills Involved: Development, Design, Web Application and Mobile App Development 

Beth El Pre-School

Objective: To create a parent portal for Beth El Pre-School.

A play and parent-based Jewish cooperative preschool, BEPS wanted to create an online area where parents can learn about upcoming events and receive important announcements. We developed a fully responsive website featuring a parent portal built using Buddypress.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Vehicle History Group

Objective: Build an interface for users to pull and download vehicle history reports.

Vehicle History Group’s comprehensive database helps users generate full vehicle history reports. To streamline this process, we created a PHP application coded using the Laravel framework, integrating all the necessary elements to achieve a user-friendly interface with the options to view or download the datasheet in PDF format. An efficient admin panel manages users and completes order/purchase history retrieval effectively.

Skills Involved: Development, Design


Objective: To build an app to connect FuturEd alumni.

FuturEd came to us with an aim to get their alumni to connect, collaborate, and engage with each other and with the institutes. Using the SaaS model, the app enables all alumni to access their network and engage with each other through the integrated chat browser. Updates about news, events, and jobs are also broadcasted. We also added a fundraiser module to assist FuturEd in future development drives.

Skills Involved: Mobile App Development and Design

North Star Real Estate Group

Objective: To develop a search engine for buyers and sellers of rental properties.

For North Star Real Estate Group, we used WordPress to develop a user-friendly search engine for renters and landlords alike. For renters, the engine incorporates search options like neighborhood, specific address, and zip code alongside advanced filters to help find a place based on the amenities provided, parking space available, and price. For buyers, we included integrated IDX real estate listings on a centralized database, unified Realtymx platform, and Optima Express IDX compatability.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Greater Places

Objective: Build an easy-to-use web app that encourages user activity.

Greater Places, “the Wikipedia of Urban Design,” needed a site where users sign up to share ideas and also browse through quality projects. Our design is powered by an easy to maintain content management system which also makes the registration and signup process easy for the user.

Skills Involved: Development, Design


Objective: To design an informative e-blast for District of Columbia Department of Transportation (dDot) updating residents on road rules.

This newsletter features the use of a coordinated color scheme and was designed for cross-email client compatibility and device responsiveness.

Skills Involved: Newsletter Design and Development

Park DC

Objective: To develop a website for curbside parking management in Washington, D.C.

Virtual Window developed a WordPress website that provides Washington, D.C. residents affordable, viable access to essential District assets and amenities and helps the district maintain a safe, reliable, efficient, and modally-balanced transportation network.

Skills Involved: Development, Design


Objective: To build a website to bring trust and transparency to AMG Pay’s online brand.

AMG Pay needed a logo and brand to evoke trust and a website to host information about their consulting services and operational solutions. Using an elegant design scheme and consistent brand treatment, AMG Pay’s online presence signals trustworthiness and expertise.

Skills Involved: Development, Design, Branding

East Lynn Farms

Objective: To troubleshoot issues with hosting services.

East Lynn Farms had an established website when it came our way, but they had issues with their hosting. We solved that problem by moving them over to our WordPress hosting services.

Skills Involved: WordPress Hosting and Troubleshooting

Nani Kai

Objective: To develop a website for a scuba diving academy with a booking portal for diving lessons.

We designed a fully branded online experience for Nani Kai, a hawaii-based underwater scuba diving academy. The website was developed using WordPress and features a third-party integrated “Book Now” portal that helps visitors book a diving class with ease.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Last Tangle

Objective: To develop a site for Washington, D.C.-based hair and skin care salon Last Tangle.

We designed and developed Last Tangle a fully-responsive site on WordPress. It integrates a services list, comprehensive company branding, and an appointment portal to manage salon bookings.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Program Managers

Objective: To showcase the work of program management firm Brailsford & Dunlavey by integrating three sites 

Program Managers is an initiative of Brailsford & Dunlavey, a program management firm, that wanted to showcase their three websites through one platform. Using the Program Managers site as a platform, we also developed B&DVenues.com and CentersUSA.com with complementary interfaces and integrated more than 2000 portfolio items into each site’s content.

Skills Involved: Development, Design, Data Entry

Ben Shaffer Golf

Objective: To develop an event-based website to host information and signups.

Designed to raise awareness for mental illness and honor the legacy of Dr. Ben Shaffer, the Ben Shaffer Memorial Golf Classic needed a website to administer the tournament and encourage signups. We designed an elegant solution that helped make the event a success.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Woods and Style

Objective: To develop a visually appealing website to help fine cabinetry company Woods and Style expand their customer base.

Developed using WordPress, the Woods and Style website is fully responsive and incorporates elegant, modern design elements. Incorporating Portfolio and Featured Project sections keeps their elegant craftsmanship front and center.

Skills Involved: Development, Design


Objective: To design and develop a website for New Jersey-based artist Alan Simensky

Alan Simensky is one of New Jersey’s most famous self-taught artists. He commissioned us to develop a website to exhibit his artwork for his fans, collectors and buyers.

To do justice to his beautiful illustrations, we designed a visually engaging website that uses a timeline to feature Alan’s work history and displays a gallery of his paintings. The interactive website, developed using WordPress, also features an online shop where Alan sells his original artwork and prints.

Skills Involved: Development, Design

Stretch Lab

Solcioty fitness



Dan Taylor

Andrew and his bunch of designers at Virtual Window surpassed all my expectations — be it design, speed or delivery. His organization has certainly been the best experience I have encountered -- they are now my “go-to-guys” for all projects.

Anmol Rajdev

Working with Andrew is always a pleasure. He not only brings an unrelenting enthusiasm to every project he works on, but he also is a master at identifying solutions for clients and at architecting custom systems to help clients meet all of the application needs, not just a portion of them. Most important is his willingness to become engaged with the client directly when necessary, often providing guidance and reassurance when needed. I strongly recommend him.

Marty Afkhami

It has always been a pleasure to work with Andrew. He is a realistic, goal-oriented person who has a deep understanding of technology and knows most of all how to deal with people. He has a passion for technology that can be seen from his work and ethics. He is detail oriented and has seen us through many of projects which would have been impossible without his help. He is very quick in understanding your needs and communicating with other team members. He will ensure that your project is delivered with utmost quality and functionality on time and on budget.

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