Delaware State Housing Authority

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Services Provided

Project Objective: Modernize the state agency’s website, improving UI/UX and ensuring up to date accessibility standards and easy to find information for Delaware constituents.

Content & Information Architecture

Created a visual view of the content in the form of a sitemap to ensure information needed by the majority of intended audience could be seen and found easily.

Website Design

Modernized the website, improving UI/UX to provide a coherent and consistent experience across the webiste.

Website Development

We built a user-friendly and customized set of reusable components tailored to their specific needs to easily add/remove content and create new pages with a flexible yet consistent look and feel across the site.

ADA Compliance

Designed, built and tested the website with the most up to date accessibility standards on our mind.

Secure Hosting

Provide a secure semi-dedicated server to ensure the most secure hosting as needed by this government agency.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We will continue to provide consulting, security and maintenance updates, enhancements and timely ad hoc support services.

DSHA Home page transition from old to new website design
Home page transformation

Up for the Challenge

The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) had a legacy site on a proprietary Content Management System (CMS), that had become sluggish, restrictive, and lacked accessibility compliance. Our team started by meticulously analyzing the legacy site to understand the needs of DSHA’s users and address the challenges posed by scattered and excessive content.

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A Comprehensive Audit to Align Goals

Through a comprehensive content audit and reorganization, we streamlined and prioritized information to enhance clarity and coherence, ensuring it met both organizational goals and user expectations. The layout was redesigned to improve navigation ease, allowing all users to effortlessly access necessary information.

DSHA Mega Menu and views of featured services list

Constant Collaboration Enables Transformation

Throughout the project we worked in close collaboration with DSHA’s internal stakeholders, ensuring the transformed website aligned with their vision and ultimately resulted in a coherent, user-friendly, and visually appealing digital presence. The comprehensive overhaul of the DSHA website significantly enhanced the site’s architecture, design, and navigational functionality. By updating the CMS, redefining the content structure, and refining the UI/UX, we created a platform that not only meets the modern standards of web accessibility but also caters effectively to the specific needs of landlords, tenants, and vendors in Delaware. The reorganized content, paired with a user-friendly layout, now guides users smoothly through the site, making critical information straightforward to find and interact with.

DSHA home page shown on mobile devices

Leading to Client Satisfaction and Continued Maintenance & Support

Website improvements, achieved through relentless collaboration with DSHA stakeholders and a deep understanding of end-user requirements, have culminated in a more intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and operationally efficient website, greatly enhancing the online experience for all visitors. We continue to host and support DSHA with visions of a long-term partnership.

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