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Project Objective: Elevate the brand and provide consistency site-wide

We understand the importance of communication clearly, succinctly and visually. Knack’s website needed some help with this. They wanted a high end custom design that would outshine competitor websites that were more modern and user friendly. The project involved involved a large amount of content rewriting and organization to clearly define Knack’s product.

We calibrated their style-guide with their website and corrected inconsistent branding present throughout the site, allowing a consistent image across all platforms. We elevated and modernized their website to give them a competitive advantage in a crowded vertical. We built a user-friendly and customized CMS tailored to their specific needs to easily add and remove and highlight related content and materials across the site.

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Our Collaborative Journey

Our collaboration with Knack on their website design and development project was a journey of elevating their online presence to match their high-end brand identity. We began by aligning their style-guide with their website, ensuring consistent branding across the site and correcting any inconsistencies. Recognizing the need to stand out in a competitive market, we modernized their website to provide a sleek and user-friendly experience, setting them apart from competitors.

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Alignment Along the Way

Central to the project was ensuring a seamless user experience and clear communication of Knack’s offerings. Through collaborative discussions, we aligned on the user journey to provide clear information about the information and programs available and enabled easy navigation. We helped them to reorganize their content, including creating a mega menu to efficiently drive traffic to relevant sections of the site, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

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Leading to a Satisfied Client

Technical enhancements included the implementation of Gutenberg blocks, providing consistency with flexibility for content creation. By streamlining their workflow and improving data management, we empowered Knack to make updates easily and efficiently. Moreover, we optimized their sales process by incorporating clear calls-to-action and highlighting pricing options throughout the site, ultimately enhancing user engagement and driving conversions.We continue to provide ongoing consulting, enhancements, and timely support services.

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knack integrations component showing variety of other company icons they integrate with for mail, calendar, etc.
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knack app integration page with icons and short description of applications
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