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Project Objective: Our first priority was to immediately fix some of the critical errors on the website, while completely rebuilding the backend to provide the client with a more flexible and easy to manage website

Westtown School is a prestigious private school located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The Virtual Window was hired by Westtown School to rescue their newly launched website that failed to deliver on the expectations and promises of their vendor. Our goal was to gain trust through collaboration, open communication, and managing expectations. This client had been burned once before and were not looking to go through that again, we wanted to be heroes.

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Rescue from Website Crisis

When The Westtown School approached The Virtual Window, they were facing a website crisis—their recently launched website failed to meet expectations and lacked crucial functionalities. Inheriting a dysfunctional site plagued with editing limitations and broken integrations, we recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive solution. Our team swiftly devised a short-term tactical plan to address critical errors and immediately improve the user experience, while simultaneously crafting a long-term strategic roadmap to fulfill the school’s overarching goals. Some of the immediate problems we resolved included: addressing their inability to easily update menu structure, change Athletic event details and their Faculty and Staff Directories.

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Focus on Client Needs, Communication and Planning

With a focus on flexibility and usability, we embarked on rebuilding the website’s backend from the ground up, ensuring that staff could easily manage content through a user-friendly interface. Concurrently, we revamped the design of key pages, including the home page and interior templates, to align with Westtown School’s brand and enhance the browsing experience for visitors. After meticulous planning and execution, the new website was successfully launched at the end of Summer 2023, marking a significant improvement in functionality and aesthetics.

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Continuous Collaboration, Satisfaction and Partnership

Through our collaboration with Westtown School, we not only rescued their online presence but also provided a foundation for sustained growth and excellence in digital communication. By delivering both immediate fixes and long-term strategic solutions, we enabled the school to regain control over their digital platform and better serve their community, reaffirming their position as a leading institution in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our continued collaboration and thought leadership persist in our short term and long term projects ensuring client satisfaction with our partnership.

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“Using the custom built eCollections (newsletter) post type is really a huge relief, because that was the worst part of the year. We dreaded eCollections!”

Samantha Amadio, Digital Content Strategist
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